Rafting túraRafting: The word is usually a collective name of the different types of boats, which we use on the whitewater rivers, although it is actually an individual whitewater sports. The name of the boat was given originally for U.S. military boat. We call raft or white water raft boat those types of boats, which are made by rubber and 4-10 people can paddle together in same time. The speed of the vessel depends on the how many people are in the boat and how they can paddle together with the guide. So it's great sport for team building or team cohesion related programs. The qualified guide sits on the back, the paddlers sit on the both sides of the boat, and sometimes they have to help to control the boat. The rafting is one of the most common and most popular whitewater sports, because it is safe, and up to 6 years of age almost anyone can try and enjoy this. It is a suitable for family activities and for those who aren’t experienced and it is the very first time to try this type of water sport.