Inflatable whitewater kayak trip

Animated tutorials about kayak paddling

Duration: Approx. 3 hours
Location: Slovenia, Soca
Fee: 60 EUR/person
Difficulty: starting WWI-II, Advanced WW II-IIII
Requirements: swimming skills, good physical condition
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Easy whitewater kayak trip:

The half day inflatable kayak trip is ideal for people who desire more challenge than the rafting. Due to its design, it is much more stable on the water than the traditional plastic kayak. However it does not require any paddling skills but you have to be fit. You need just a few minutes to learn how to control the kayak down on the river. The Guppy is a one-person kayak designed to provide the most fun for beginners and experienced paddlers on whitewater day trips. The Ducky is a longer double version. It is ideal for one bigger or two person.

By the end of the trip there is a good chance be addicted to whitewater kayaking :-)

On the half day kayak trip, we go down on the most popular sections of the Soca River. You can choose between a beginner (Class I-II) and intermediate (Class II-III) section.

Our kayak trips are guided by an instructor who will let you know everything about the river, safety, and paddling technics.

The first part of the river is easier, where you can practice what you learned. The second part is longer and more fun. The river goes through a nice, open gorge with big rocks, waves and rapids (Class II-III). We can guarantee no one will get out dry. During the trip we will stop to refresh ourselves and you have a chance to jump from smaller or bigger rocks or try swimming down on an easy rapid.

"Safety First, Fun EVERY Second!"