Hydrospeed a Soca folyónDate: everyday. Alone or as complements of our trip
Duration: approx. 2-2.5 hours
Location: Slovenia, Soca.
Price: 60 EUR/person

The more experienced and adventurous white water sport fans try HYDROSPEED, which is basically a long swimboard. Hydrospeeders typically wear fins to provide the thrust to navigate in river currents, while a personal flotation device provides additional buoyancy. Wetsuits, booties,and helmets are worn as protection from the cold and rocks. Additionally, gloves, knee pads are sometimes worn for extra protection on shallow rivers. Instruction, board design, and gear continue to improve, making hydrospeed safer and opening up the possibilities of rapids that can be run on a hydrospeed and new tricks that can be performed while surfing. Be careful! You have to swim actively all way long unless you want to drift along like a leaf of a tree, so you need to be in excellent shape! The swimmers are escorted by guides in kayak boats.

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