Extreme canyoning

Extrém kanyoningDate: everyday Alone or as a complement to the rest of our trip
Duration: approx. 2-2.5 hours
Location: Kozjak Canyon, which is located near Kobarid, Bovec about 20 minutes
Price: Susec canyon: 90 Euro / person
Length: 1000 m
Difference in altitude: 150 m
Terms and Conditions: average physique 14th min age and up

The Kozjak waterfall, feeding the Soča river from the east, springs high beneath Krnčica, and runs through many pools making six waterfalls. This is one of Slovenia’s most picturesque waterfalls.
Approximately 250 meters lower, the water falls again. Here, the waterfall carved  an underground hall. Its bottom is covered by a vast blue and green pool, and its walls are reminiscent of those in the Karst caves. A 15 meter high white water column offers its visitors an unforgettable scenery.

Our guides and guests agree that the canyon is one of the most beautiful places Kozjak where we’ve ever organized tour. Come and explore with us this challenged canyon! You through down with a specially designed harness. Don’t worry about how to use the rope technic, we will do it instead of you! Our qualified tour guides do it with the latest technical achievements. The program does not require any prior training, but we recommend the canyon Susec would be your first canyoning trip!

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