Canyoning - Susec canyon

Date: Everyday. Individualy or as a complement to our trip
Duration: approx. 2-2.5 hours
Location: about 6 km from Bovec
Price: 15.000 Ft/person or 46 Euro/person
Length: 1000 m
Difference in altitude: 150 m
Terms and Conditions: average physique, from the 7th age

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"Safety First, Fun EVERY Second!"

Technically, this is one of the easiest and most enjoyable Canyoning trip, which can be considered as a natural water slide park. When we have already taken an easier walk on top of the canyon, the only thing that we have to do, be child again and enjoy to jump and slide to crystal clear creek. We can jump to the natural pools from 3-8 m heights . Do not be afraid of the bigger jumps these are optional. The canyon is full of slides, most of them are between 2-12 m high, and if you want to repeat the slide, you can climb, and jump again and again..The most exciting part of the trip when we start to slip from the sunshine to a dark cave.

The canyoning tour is a great option to complement your rafting trip or you can choose it seperately as a main program. We are positive in that you will enjoy it and get a great experience. Many of our guests thing that this is the best outdoor  program from our list.