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Within long historical periods, small creeks hollowed out in different depths: gallery, caves, canyon into the rocks of the hills. Canyoning means that we follow these natural ways.

Canyons that are ideal for canyoning are often cut into the bedrock stone, forming narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls, and sometimes spectacular waterfalls. Canyons can be very easy or extremely difficult, though emphasis in the sport is usually on aesthetics and fun rather than pure difficulty. A wide variety of canyoning routes are found throughout the world, and people of all ages and skill levels enjoy canyoning.

Canyoning gear includes helmets, wetsuits, specially designed shoes, and life jacket a professional guides. While canyoners have used and adapted climbing, hiking, and river running gear for years, more and more specialized gear is invented and manufactured as canyoning popularity increases.

Basically there are two types of canyon: