Tubing a Soca folyónDate: During the season (weekdays, weekends). Alone or as an adjunct to other tour
Duration: Approx. 2-2.5 hours
Location: Slovenia, Soca.
Price: 43 Euro / person

White water rethought.

The Tubing has 4 basic kinds:

  • On the snow
  • On a lake or big river, tow by a  motorboat
  • In Water park, drift in the current (artificial  track)
  • Floating on the running water, drift with the current

We have several years of experience in education of water skiing and wakeboarding, but each time it was the highlight of the day, when we discovered the Tubes from the bottom of the boat. In such a case, we weren’t careful of each other, we drove faster and faster and took tricky curves with the motorboats, and the actual "victim" fought higher and bigger. On a winter day, when we watched videos, which were recorded on Danube River in the summer, we were thinking about:  why didn’t we connect this funny sport before to the white water? 3 years ago I had been closely acquainted with this sport in the US, which has the huge popularity overseas. From 2010 we were uniquely offering this activity in Central Europe.

What exactly are we talking about? We tame the Soca river on an inflatable donut-shaped Tube, which has a similar material as the boats. Imagine Tube like laying on huge tractor tire, which has a thin bottom in which you cannot sink too deep in the ice-cold Soca. The shape of the Tube is completely round, looks like a donut, and not adhering to the rocks when is drifted by the water. To change the direction you need to wear webbed neoprene gloves, which also keep your hands warm.

Similar to the other whitewater sports, the equipment is provided: neoprene suit and shoes, jackets, helmets and neoprene gloves, which were mentioned above, and last but not least, for a success one Inflatable Tube. A professional guide always accompanies to the tour. We honestly recommend Tubing to everyone who is over 12 years old, especially to families and friends.

The programs fee: 40 EUR/ person.

Groups: 5-10 persons / tour.

No experience is required to participate in the program.

Record your trip from your own view, rent a helmet-mounted digital camera- read more >>>