SUP - Stand Up Paddle

Date: everyday
Duration: approx. 2-2.5 hours
Locations: Budapest ( Hungary ) Lake Velence ( Hungary ) Lake Bled ( Slovenia ) Soca River ( Slovenia )
Price: Susec canyon: 65 Euro / person


"Safety First, Fun EVERY Second!"

The SUP is such as a traditional surfboard, but the SUP is only a little bit bigger. You can find on the market rigid or inflatable versions. The inflatable boards are the same material, such as rafting boats but they must be inflated much harder. The stability and progress of the paddle is similar as the rafting paddle, but a bit longer. It is about 12 to 25 cm long, depends on the location where you use and your height. On the lake or river area you should use sceg ( fin )  at the bottom of the board this  helps you keep your straight going. We generally don’t use this on the white water rivers.

We organize SUP training in Budapest, on Lake Velence, Lake Bled and on Soča River.

If you use the SUP on the white water river, you have to wear neoprene suit, life jacket and helmet.

One program fee: 65 EUR/ person
SUP rental with fully equipped: 35 EUR / include the paddle and the safety equipment (neoprene suit, shoes, helmet life jacket)

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