Scuba diving

It is not only white water sports that can attract you in Slovenia but the beauty of nature, the life in the crystal clear water of the Soca river can amaze you if you try the river diving. You can look into the calm underwater wold in a wonderful canyon near the white water sections of the river and if you are lucky enough you can feed or even touch the fish. The average depth of the canyon is 5-6 meters but it reaches a 10-meter depth at some points. You need a basic diving certificate to be able to take part and it is strongly advised that you are in good shape because you h ave work hard swimming upstream for a while before you can have some rest at a small underwater bay. There are several stops at small bays where you can watch the fish and the wonderful view of the bottom of the river bed. The rays of the sun glitter through the crystal clear water and sometimes we come up on the surface to see some amazing small waterfalls. On your way back, swimming downstream makes you feel like you were flying under the water at high speed.