The cave Srnica is located just a few kilometers from Bovec. The tour can easily be achieved for clients, those who do not have routine, however, this program gives a real caving experience. Along our way, we climb rocks, slip through cavities, go over water jumps, and you can admire hundreds of seashell imprints. Front of the cave exit we would admire the breathtaking Soca Valley. At the last part of the adventure we descend down on a 40 meters rope. This tour is not hard type of hiking, but it would be challenging if you don’t have a good physical condition. It is a real adrenalin bomb.

The trip is open to all who have average physical condition and enough adventure desire. We don’t recommend this program to guests who are overweight, because the cave has narrow sections and sometimes it is difficult to go ahead.

The program price: 40 EUR